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August 15th, 2019, 00:45
Hello all!

I have a question about the 4e ruleset character sheet, and wondered if anyone could help.

I've had Zacchaeus instruct me on the finer points of 5e (wonderful, patient man to deal with my manic-ness!), and I learned on 4e, so the concepts aren't a problem.

I've used FG for PF1e/3.5, and 5e, and even done a bit of work at the College for pf1e instruction, so I'm familiar with the system to an extent.

On the 4e sheet, there's a few spots for the powers and weapons that I'm unsure of. AFAIK, there isn't the same amount of support (for various reasons) for 4e, but is there a proper way to load up powers?

I have the [w]'s, a spot to add an additional damage, but I can't figure out:

1. If there's an automatic way for the [w] to be accepted by the equipped weapon and
2. What the "Wpn" box at the end of each damage entry does.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. I'm more than happy to write up a quick thing about what I've learned to help others on the FGC college (if that's allowed to link to here) as I've done with the pf1e effects (https://fantasygroundscollege.net/pathfinder-1e-effects-coding/).

I appreciate your time and patience, thanks!

Fantasy Grounds College staff & FGC "Head Redditor"

August 15th, 2019, 01:10
Have you checked out the Wiki -> User guide for the 4E character sheet?

Also, assuming it still works, I’d recommend getting a one month subscription to DDI and use Valeros's parser to scrape into FG more 4E content than you could ever use.

August 15th, 2019, 01:39
Well I feel an idiot.

"The weapon/implement used for a particular attack and damage entry can be changed by entering the number of the alternate weapon/implement you want to use in the Wpn/Imp field."

It looks like it has its own peccadilloes. That's all. I'll poke around more. Thank you Sir!

August 15th, 2019, 03:29
There are over a dozen different ruleset authors floating about and not only des every one do things at least a little different to others, over time each dev learns more stuff and the way they do and implement things change.
5E is the big kahuna in terms of features and development (although 2E probably has more features now) and most rulesets do not have the same level of features and support that 5E has.