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August 13th, 2019, 22:02
Well Met,

It is I Haggar, my companions and I are searching for an experienced Game Master who is familiar with PF2E (or willing to learn PF2E). We are a group of 4 friends that have full time jobs but enjoy a good session of adventuring. We are very easy going, and are flexible in our schedules. We prefer 4 hour sessions, on either Skype or Discord, sessions would either be once a week or once every two weeks at the least. In terms of the specifics of the amount of money we will pay please private message me. We would like to do 1 session for free to see how it goes to ensure we are compatible with you and you are for us. This is a group that would like to work through an entire campaign spanning 20 levels, we move at a good pace, the group is more combat focused then RP however we still enjoy RP certainly. If this is a game you would like to GM please feel free to msg me, as there are many more details that have been left out of this post intentionally and we shall cover those. Thank you.