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July 13th, 2019, 17:53
Tapper's Hold. A decent sized village that can be nestled into any forest campaign as a convenient rest stop. Mainly known for their production of maple syrup farm produce and apple brandy.

Something is about the village, a large force of adventurers had set up camp in the village. They are polite enough, but tight lipped as to their purposes here. Seek out more information about this large adventuring group, see if the people of Tapper's hold require any assistance with quests, or simply restock and move on with your main adventure.

locations include;
Evergreen Inn
Macy's Suppliers
Jep's Farms
Tiden's Apple Orchard
Eaylen's Herbs
Miles's Hunting Camp
Tapper's Tops (production facilities)

Plenty of stuff to explore, plenty of interesting Locations for PCs to path into.
I have added a few battle maps for encounters.

In my scenario I had a goblin horde building a small army inside the surrounding mountains. The large adventuring group knew this and were looking forward to an easy score, but unpronounced to the adventures a mysterious figure has been altering these foul creatures with dark magic. They are now mindless killing machines. A black horde of biting clawing death. In my game they fell upon the town at night while my PCs were on a side quest. The PCs rush back to help and find the village being flooded with these undead blackened goblins and pockets of resistance.

Now this is what I loved about the encounter, topical zombie survival scenario unfolding all over the village. Pockets of fighting adventures, villagers running for their lives, a flickering spell barrier in the middle of the village being pounded on by a dozen of these blackened goblins. The PCs had to choose their encounters. Which meant they couldn't save everybody. Do you save the shop keep? do you save the inn keeper? Do you save the helpful hunter who is shooting arrows down from the top of his shack that is shacking from the mass of undead goblins against it? Man it was an amazing night! And now you can experience it too, if you so choose.

I built these maps using a bunch of Gabriel Pickard's tile sets and Photoshop. I hope you guys enjoy them!

July 13th, 2019, 18:06
Nicely done. I especially like how you have done the fade out round the edge of the town map. That's something I've started doing myself :)

A couple of notes, the file sizes are larger than recommended. Which, IMO is fine given what I like and with upcoming FGU. But, I would make sure people are aware of that so that if they use these in FGC they know to be aware. Next, what resolution are these? i.e. pixels per 5ft square? I don't see a grid alignment square anywhere on them or a scale bar so it might be hard for the DM to get the scale and aligning the grid correctly. On the Evergreen tavern, are the stairs aligned/setup correctly? If I'm understanding the map right, the second level is not above the first level. Seems like that wouldn't be the case but maybe I'm misinterpreting?

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing:) It also sound like you have enough info you could turn this in a full module ... :)

July 13th, 2019, 18:07
Here are some tokens and another map for Tapper's Hold

27913 Res300 Gridsize 50

July 13th, 2019, 18:20
Veeerrry Nice!

July 13th, 2019, 19:27
Appreciate the feed back. The alignment square is a great idea. I'll make sure to add it to my next map. Yeah these are only 72 Res, I will up them to 300pix/inch. For the Inn I originally had two separate maps, bottom and top floor. i quickly added them together in photoshop. I'll make it all one fluid structure/map.

TY for the feed back!

July 13th, 2019, 20:28
72 px/5ft is fine, people just need to know. If you go up to 300px, those files will be much too large for FG and most VTT's. And they will be much more high resolution than is even really useful. Think about how close in someone might zoom on a battle map.

If you want to do that math; a 4k screen is 1800 pixels high (the limiting factor here). I personally use 1080. If the map is zoomed in to 10 squares high (which IMO is pretty close up and any closer means I'm just looking at the image and not using it tactically) means the most resolution an image is going to need on a 4k screen is 180 pixels/5ft square (or 108 pixels on my screen).

So, anything over 180 pixels is going to almost always be wasted, and your file size is going to be huge, which impacts transfer times, and the memory usage of the file is going to be horrible and in FGC will cause the process to crash and for anyone without a high end computer will cause their VTT to come to a crawl.

July 14th, 2019, 15:04
These are lovely maps. Thanks for sharing!

The recommendation for Fantasy Grounds maps is to try to keep the file size to 1MB or less (effects share time to players - so a nice to have), and to keep the majority of your maps to 2048x2048 pixels or less - as the pixel size directly relates to how much memory FG uses to display the image. The current version of FG is a 32-bit application and so has limited memory available, even if your computer has lots of free memory. So, try to keep your maps within these two guidelines to ensure that FG keeps running smoothly. It's OK to have one or two maps a *little bit* larger than these recommendation, but the vast majority of your maps should stick to within the recommended file size and image pixel dimensions.

For example, the two "Tapper's Hold" maps in post #1 are too big for reliable in-game use in FG. Sure, a lot of people will be able to load these up, but they will take up too much memory which could have an impact in an ongoing game, which will have other resources loaded. Reducing the image dimensions by 50% will get it close to the recommended size and reduce memory use to 25% of what it would use at it's current size.