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October 4th, 2006, 03:34
Digital Adventures and Fiery Dragon Productions Presents: Dark Harbor Fantasy Grounds Adventure for Iron Heroes!


A corrupt city built on the sunken remains of an opulent empire; nefarious politicians and mercenary guardsmen profiting on the backs of the downtrodden; mysterious pirates, multi-headed monsters, and body pits filled with the living dead; secret arena death-matches, a mobilizing neighbor, a proposal for peace, and a suspicious murder. And that's just for starters...

DARK HARBOR is an adventure written by one of the key playtesters who helped develop the system for Iron Heroes, Adam Windsor. Incorporating key systems and concepts introduced in Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes, DARK HARBOR also utilizes the unique zone system and villain classes from Monte Cook Presents: Mastering Iron Heroes. An adventure designed to introduce new and experienced players to the world of Iron Heroes, DARK HARBOR presents the corrupt city of Malador, filled with enough adventure and intrigue to take characters from 1st- to 5th-level. Packed with action, intrigue, fabulous treasure, frightening monsters, pirates, mercenaries, fish-men, gladiators, crazy cultists, a murder investigation and more, DARK HARBOR is the adventure that will test the mettle of new characters and help forge them into heroes... Iron Heroes -- and now the entire adventure has been converted for play online with Fantasy Grounds!

There are two versions of this product conversion for sale at Digital Adventure's online store: one with Fiery Dragon's official PDF (for $16.00), and one without ($8.00). Both can be purchased at:


Use of this adventure for play with Fantasy Grounds requires the Iron Heroes Ruleset, also from Digital Adventures. For more product information visit our website at: http://www.digitaladventures.net/.

Digital Adventures Presents: Dark Harbor, Iron Heroes Adventure for Fantasy Grounds, owned by Fiery Dragon Productions, Inc. Used with permission, all rights reserved. 2006. Visit their website at www.fierydragon.com for more product information.