View Full Version : Hit Points: How to turn from Dynamic FIELD to Static FIELD

May 31st, 2019, 18:31

I am running the COC 7th edition Ruleset - of which the player character sheets have their HIT POINT fields as auto calculated - preventing us from being able to manually enter in a new H.P. value (yes outside of the games normal rules context - no changing it to the ruleset tp PULP in the GM options does help)...

I figured to ask here in that maybe the Hit Points FIELD is autocalculated in other Rulesets and I cant be the only person with need to EDIT that FIELD

Has there been an extention created that covers this aspect of thw character sheets - universally throughout all rulesets?


Please Advise
Thank You!

May 31st, 2019, 18:36
As has been mentioned in the other threads you've posted about this, you'll need an extension to change the CoC ruleset, and one of the CoC developers has said there is no such extension.

As the CoC 7E ruleset is encrypted, you can't get direct access to it - so you'll need to request details from the CoC ruleset devs (or the main FG ruleset developer/maintainer, Moon Wizard) on the relevant files so that you'll be able to create an extension.

May 31st, 2019, 20:54
Hi Trenloe

Ahh ok - I will try and contact Moon Wizard > thank you again!