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May 31st, 2019, 00:25
Hello All!

My D&D 5e loving friends and I just made the switch from another VTT to FG and are super excited for the massive increase in automation which FG offers.

Along those lines, we've been trying to automate as much as possible and we found a situation we can't quite crack. Apologies if my forum searching abilities rolled a 1 and I completely missed this!


Barbarian with a secret bloodline ancestry. Instead of just giving him major benefits, we want to tie minor increments in various stats to his Rage ability. To that effect, we are trying to alter his movement speed value for the duration of the Rage.

We came up with the following two ideas, but neither (and several variations) have been successful so far. Well, successful as in the PC sheet Main tab Speed value hasn't incremented on cast.

Option 1:
As on On Rage cast embedded in the Rage effect itself:

Rage; ADVCHK: strength; ADVSAV: strength; DMG: 2,melee; RESIST: bludgeoning,piercing,slashing; Speed: 35

Option 2:
As an on Rage case persistent ability which kicks in for Rage duration:

IFT: custom(Rage); Speed: 35

Checking https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/index.php/5E_Effects, we found no reference for modifying the speed and the forum threads I've found here seem to pertain to actual code or ruleset alterations, which I don't think quite suit the variable nature of what we want to implement.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :)

May 31st, 2019, 00:58
You are correct. There is no effect which will automatically change the character’s speed value. You would have to manually change it. You can hover over the speed value and use CTRL + middle mouse button to add or subtract a value to speed temporarily.

Oh, and welcome to FG

May 31st, 2019, 01:49
Hey Zacchaeus,

Thanks for the confirmation and the alternate solution. Appreciate the time!

May 31st, 2019, 09:05
Speed is not implemented mechanically in FG - it is just a number and is not applied or enforced anywhere.