View Full Version : 1 Player LFG Starfinder

May 16th, 2019, 05:17
Hi I'm looking for a starfinder group. Preferably a weekly group.
I'm available Saturday after about 8pm, or generally all day Sunday and Monday.

FG License: Currently using the free version

Time Zone: PST

Game System Preferred: Right now I'm specifically looking for Starfinder, but in the event that you are browsing for another game I also enjoy Pathfinder, DnD 3.5, DND 5.0, Shadowrun 5

Game System Experience: I know most systems and can generally find my way around without any issues.

Fantasy Grounds Experience: I have absolutely no experience with fantasy grounds. Ive been using roll20 but I cant find any Starfinder games on there.

Character Type Preferred: I don't really have a preferred class or style of gameplay my characters are very random in what I feel like playing.

About me: I have 13 years of DM experience in which I have been a DM for all games listed above excluding Starfinder and more. My current work doesn't afford me much time to DM anymore as such I'm looking to join a game as a player. I've played nearly every version of DnD dating back to the old THAC0 system which makes me sound a lot older than I actually am.