View Full Version : seperating or removing DM info from a map

May 16th, 2019, 02:35
anyone got good way to take the DM info off a map I pulled out of a PDF from an old TSR adventure? Looking to make a players map without obvious paint marks covering the 1, 2, 3, Name of building, etc.

May 16th, 2019, 03:04
Photoshop. Start with the Clone Stamp Tool, and manually copy/paste areas that look similar. Follow up with hand-brushing in over the top to blend in if needed.

May 16th, 2019, 04:13
PhotoShop, GIMP, Inkscape all have clone tools. You can Google videos on how to use them.

Or, like me, just redo the maps in your mapping program of choice (mine is CC3+)

May 16th, 2019, 04:15
See this video from the Wiki: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/filelibrary/tutorial/xorne-rescale-1a.wmv Start at 2:50 for removing GM info, but I'd recommend watching the whole video as it's not long and has a lot of useful information.