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March 15th, 2019, 00:45
First of all, can I combine roll types in one formula? I'd like to do /die (p1)d6 + /edie (p2)d6 but that doesn't work.

Can I re-order rolls in the character sheet? Dragging them just copies them.

Can I use a GM-defined parameter in dice rolls which changes often? For example, as GM I would like to enter a difficulty number which the roll must exceed, say 17. When anyone rolls a dice pool and exceeds 17 it would be marked as Success in chat.

I've started working on Judge Dredd character sheet which is based on the WOIN system, and would need some rolls. Is there a roll which uses lookup tables as described below which I could modify?

Attributes and Skill rolls:
/die (p2)d6 [where p2 is looked up from the Dice Pool Sizes table below]
Example: Judge damned has Attribute Strength of 7 which would yield p2 of 3, so the roll is 3d6. He also has Skill Fight of 5 which yields a p2 of 2 for a 2d6.

Dice pool sizes:

When doing an attribute check, we would need one or more of the following items:
Attribute + Skill + Equipment modifier

In example above, Judge damned is wielding a High quality dayclub which gives him an additional 1d6 to his dice pool.

So his dice pool will look like this:
Attribute 3d6 + Skill 2d6 + Equipment 1d6 = 6d6

His Grade (character level) is 5, which limits his maximum dice pool size to 5d6 as per table below, so his final dice pool is 5d6.

Ideally for each attribute check the character would be able to choose one Attribute, no or one Skill, and an optional Equipment modifier (number of 6-sided dice to be added to the pool). Finally there would be a need for additional dice to be added to the die pool for Exploits and Luck points (latter explode).

How much of this can be automated?

Maximum dice pool sizes per grade:

BTW a certain someone is spamming the MoreCore YT tutorial video comments with the same rant about how rude he was treated on here.

March 17th, 2019, 00:20
I hate to tell you the same thing that I was told, but there already exists a WOIN system for FG. Unfortunately, it isn't anywhere near complete. At best it already offers most of what is needed to run a 2000AD campaign. It also is locked in the vault which means we cannot work on it. Also checks are made a little more complicated than you indicated. You form your dice pool from attribute + skill + equipment up to your max die pool (MDP). Then for attacks we adjust for position modifiers (cover, range). Then we pay costs (to hit in exchange for to damage die, or paying for certain exploits), in this step exploits can also be used to add die to the pool (in excess of MDP). Then we can add luck die which explode. After all this then we can make our ability check/attack roll. I wish I had the skill to make a morecore extension. If you want hit me up after this weekend and I can show you what the WOIN currently looks like for FG.

March 17th, 2019, 01:03
Hi Guys,

AT this stage I would realy rather see ppl use the current ruleset. That and I have a whole stack of other MoreCore requests still out there.
Please do post on the main WOIN thread and try to get some traction there.

March 17th, 2019, 03:36
Hi Guys,

AT this stage I would realy rather see ppl use the current ruleset. That and I have a whole stack of other MoreCore requests still out there.
Please do post on the main WOIN thread and try to get some traction there.

In reality all we need is a D6 roll system. Which I think WEG has. We need the ability for a die to explode, which I am sure I've seen in your list of die rolls. We would also need a D66/666 which you've given to me previously (doesn't quite work I always get numbers I shouldn't like 58). And then design our own character sheet that has enough options for inputs. I have previously been vocal about the terrible state of the paid for WOIN system. I cannot edit the character sheet or even export a module it seems.

March 17th, 2019, 03:39
I do have exploding dice
I dont have d66 or d666 - I have d60 and d600 which do as they are supposed to. To get d66 you roll d6+d60.
Im sorry WOIN isnt what you expect it to be.
I suspect its sales have not been what the dev hoped and they havent been able to dedicate time to the project accordingly.

March 17th, 2019, 03:46
I remember the issue with the d60 now, it wasn't that it doesn't work. No it works perfectly. I just cant seem to get it to store in a table like i need it to. There doesn't seem to be a way to manually put it in the table so I just have a note on that table for people who need to use it.

March 17th, 2019, 04:58
I have not found a way to make it easier to access those dice with the current radial menu setup. I'll try and work on that. They are very hard to drag....

March 18th, 2019, 04:07
Actually there is a way to store it in a table. Right click on the die and choose the d60 die and then click it into the box that accepts dice. This will add the d60. Another way also is to create a shortcut with the d60 and d6 then click and drag that shortcut to the box that accepts dice. I did it way back before a Traveller ruleset for the rolls. Give me a moment to see if I can get some screen shots.




Once the d60 or d600 is saved to the hotbar, then drag a d6 to the same slot. Now you have a hotbar with the d60/d600 + d6. Drag it to the Table dice location and now, you have a d60/600 + d6 roll.

March 18th, 2019, 04:29
Actually you are right the d60 and d600 are accessible for that
I was confusing it with the Funky Dice (DCC odd dice) that are on the Custom Fate Dice option.