View Full Version : MoreCore Rolls with Tracker Enabled, but not rolling?

March 10th, 2019, 22:15
Trying to setup trackers on some rolls (to track ammo), but with the tracker enabled, double-clicking the use doesn't actually also make the roll (as defined in the Dice String field). Are these mutually exclusive? Do I need to create a roll to track ammo and another roll to make attack rolls or damage? The tracker fields cover up (or replace, I can't tell) the normal roll icon. A bit confused on this one.

Please see attached. Thank you!

March 11th, 2019, 01:51
Maybe the tracker option doesn't support the Dice String. It would be great if the tracker decremented automatically with a roll. Of course this leaves me wondering how I'd handle something like a burst fire (spend 3 ammo for a bonus).

March 11th, 2019, 13:29
Trackers and Rolls are exclusive to each other.
They were combined because of the versatility of being able to use the lists for either/both rather than separate lists for each.
If you look at the Trail of Cthulhu extension and the auto created General Ability roll there is some funky code to reset the target number (in this case p1) after the roll.
You could write something similar that decrements the ammo count after using the roll.
Or you could enable an additional parameter field and call it Ammo and have the player do the tracking manually in that field.

March 11th, 2019, 17:51
Thanks. I think enabling an ammo field is probably the best solution here.