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February 24th, 2019, 19:55
I thought it would be fun to add a thread, where people can post the items they invented for their campaigns.

I'll make a start and ask: what do you think of my flamethrower?

I am thinking about adding an effect "in Flames", which means that if hit, the victim burns on and suffers 1d6 fire damage until the fire can be extinguished (sand, blankets, water, whatever)

This is me being a PIA to my players :D:D

February 24th, 2019, 21:31
I just use the stats from Central Supply...

The "Flame" (and "Cryo") rules from Central Supply are as follows:

Flame and cryo weapons are persistent. A target who is hit with a weapon takes additional damage each round. This damage is halved each round (rounding down) until it finally runs out. A character who is flamed again whilst on fire takes only the largest damage of all current flame attacks – there is a limit to how much on fire a person can be. The rounding down starts again from the largest damage.

For example, ‘Pyro’ Pete hoses an enemy soldier down for 13 damage with a flamethrower. Next round, Pete switches to another target and the hapless victim takes 6 (13 halved to 6.5 and rounded down) damage. In the third round, Pete decides to flame his original target again but scores a measly 2 points of damage. His opponent is already on fire for 3 points (half of 6) so takes 3 points of damage that round. The new attack is lost amid the general inferno. Assuming there is anything left of the target, he takes 1 point of damage round before the fire dies out. Unless of course Pete feels the need to apply more flame…

February 25th, 2019, 10:21
Hm- Sounds interesting, but also like a lot of hussle to me. I mean it's probably valid to say burn is burn, so another blast doesn't really add to the damage. But I like to keep it easy, to keep the game running. I might adopt the "fire running out part" though.
Anyways, thx for pointing out the way, CSC does it.

So ... how about an acid grenade/mine?
My idea is, that you roll it vs. kinetic armour, so that it takes armour away when it hits you.
I.e. You throw for 5d6 grenade damage. Let's say the damage is 23. The player has a lightweight polycarb-armour on, giving him 13 kinetic damage. You substract 13 armour which leaves 10 damage which you apply to the player. Another half of this damage (in this instant 5 points) you substract from the armour itself, because of the damage done to it by the acid.

How does that sound? In FG it would look something like this:

February 25th, 2019, 12:42
I would use the tear gas / mustard gas rules in CSC, depending on how corrosive the acid is...