View Full Version : Say GoodBye to 13th Age

February 23rd, 2019, 08:10
Im sorry to say that, but in its current ruleset state my group and myself went away from using 13th Age.
We now use D&D 5e, which has a much more flawless ruleset. Ive reported bug for more than half a year,
only with marginal success to get them fixed. I will come back when the ruleset has less bugs, as the
13th Age rulesystem itself is a very good, faced paced roleplaying system indeed. But for now, it simply
takes us nearly double the amount of time it should be. Combat in D&D is faster and even Pathfinder
is at par currently, which normally would be vice versa. With 3 hours session and 2-3 combats, every
minute counts unfortunately.