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February 20th, 2019, 13:53
PAID GAME COST: A one time fee of 1000 yen, for the entire campaign ($10USD for the duration of the campaign).

NOTE: The party is at level 3 of about 10 or 11 levels. There are four players. The group decided that we want a fifth player, and so I am recruiting.

FG License: Ultimate license (I provide everything; you just need to show up. But I do charge a one time fee to players.)

Game System: 5e with a few house rules

Campaign: Hot Springs Island; See below for themes and main plots

New players are welcome!!!

Time Zone: GMT+9 (Japan)

Day of week and time: Sundays 8:00 p.m., for two and half hours. Weekly.

Start date: Aleady started. We play every week (except August).

Text or Voice: Voice

Voice software used: Discord

Role play & Combat mix: 40/60, but it greatly varies from session to session.

Number of Players in game & needed: Four in game. One needed.

Character starting level & equipment: 3rd. As per the PHB.

Character restrictions:
I have a list of eight characters partially planned out. You need to take one of them so that you are tied into the campaign story. See below for the list.

Books: PHB, Sword Coast, Volo, Xanathar

I have a few very special and different way of doing things, such as an alternative to character death. We can worry about the details later.

I request a one time fee of 1000 yen to join. (If you wonder why I do this, then please ask me the first time we meet in voice.) I request that potential players join us one session first before committing so that we can both decide if it is good fit.

Please send a private message with the following:
1. Your real name
2. Confirmation that this time zone (Japan) works for you
3. You email address



A few words about the campaign...

We will be playing Hot Springs Island.

This material was not written by Wizards of the Coast. It looks and feels very different. This campaign emphasizes combat as war (see below for explanation). Some of the encounters are not balanced at all. This is a closed sandbox, with a limited number of possible "You die" situations. I am going to replace death with temporary injuries. There is mature content and themes in the campaign (nudity, drug use). It is not toilet humor, but it is definitely there. There is complex ecology.

Treasuring hunting
Wilderness, nature, jungle, volcanoes
Elementals (particularly Fire and Water)
Elves, ogres, lizardfolk
Ancient ruins
Drugs, sex, alcohol, sin, corruption, overindulgence
Planes, planar travel

What will really work well:
Information-gathering abilities
Communication skills
Exploration skills
The ability to move quickly, and to escape from monsters

What will not work well:
A character who can fight well and that is it
Armor, other than light armor (you are in a hot jungle)
A lack of patience, and hastily jumping to conclusions
An unwillingness to figure out what is really going on (sometimes the bad guys are good)

Combat as Sport (a typical 5e encounter)
* fights between two (at least roughly) evenly matched sides
* values combat tactics that could be used to overcome the enemy and fair rules adhered to by both sides
* terrain and the specific situation should provide spice to the combat but never turn it into a turkey shoot
* the fight should have roughly equal sides and in which no greater strategic issues impinge on the fight or unbalance it

Combat as War
* you know who was going to win before the fight even starts
* a lot of the fun comes from using strategy and logistics to ensure that the playing field is heavily unbalanced in your favor
* when the party gets into trouble, I roll for consequences and we role paly it out


Character concepts

(TAKEN) An elf or half-elf with the sage background (any class), who is searching for the ruins of a lost elven civilization

(TAKEN) A lizardfolk ranger (any background) who is searching for a mythical bird

A chaotic human with the criminal background (any class) who is looking for loot --- the more the better!

A dwarf or halfling (any class and background) who was wrongly accused of a crime, and seeks the woman who framed him / her

A teenager half-ogre (any background, use the half-orc race) who ran away from home; note that you will be found by your parents, so you will need to deal with that

(TAKEN) A chaotic neutral tiefling warlock (any background) on a quest for the forces of chaos; this quest is difficult, but it ends the campaign if accomplished

(TAKEN) A human or dwarven druid (any background) and his/her tiny water elemental familiar who are on a quest to free an imprisoned nereid (water dryad)

A lawful evil tabaxi (any class and background) who is on a mission for a self-serving rakshasa, but the this tabaxi mostly just cares about the loot

A zealot human (paladin, cleric, or other divine-themed character, any background) who seeks to convert the local savages


March 3rd, 2019, 10:15
We are still looking.

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We are still looking.

March 20th, 2019, 14:32
We are still looking.