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December 26th, 2018, 02:51
The following module is for running Factor12 utilizing the MoreCore ruleset by damned. I am the author of Factor12 and give permission to all users of Fantasy Grounds to use this material within Fantasy Grounds. I do not give permission to duplicate this material in any other form without additional written consent.

Factor12 Module Features:

Abilities divided between

Tables for randomizing
Names (by culture and/or species, utilizing story templates)
Archetypes, Attributes, and Talents
Loci from your Sign
Cultural, Species, and General Traits

wip currently limited to only armor and about 1/2 the light weapons

Story Templates
Currently set to randomize the majority of character creation choices by picking a species and culture and then most everything else is randomized using included tables

Pregenerated Characters
several generated by using above story templates to make the choices and then filling in charsheet.
One "base" charsheet ready to be copied and altered for your characters.

December 26th, 2018, 03:11
Factor12 is a High Fantasy Role-playing game designed with the following being some of the design goals:

1) Choices. Player choices in design and play. GM choices in encounter design and enemy strategies. Making choices matter.

2) Elimination of “trap options”. Factor12 tries to eliminate the regret of an early choice locking you into a set path. Most of the abilities in Factor12 scale along with your character and when you choose to add options, many of them scale up to match your current capabilities. Each primary Archetype is designed to be good at a few different things so no one has to “sit out” of the game for long.

3) Broadening rather than escalation of abilities. While your abilities scale up as your character grows, the choices you make add to what your character can do rather than how much more damage they can dish out. Certainly, the gamers out there will find a way to tweak out as much “juice” as they can, but there shouldn’t be any “game breaking” combination of options.

4) Monster parts as treasure. No, seriously. While gems and jewelry are fine and good for buying castles and kingdoms, an adventurer in Factor12 finds the most valuable gear comes from the Creatures they face. Want a flaming sword? Sure, you can make one if you’ve the skill, but you’ll need to track down the critter whose eye or gullet or gizzard can help you make it. No magic shops where you can just pick one up for cash. Or maybe you should just beat up that other guy who already has one. Either way, you’re going adventuring instead of shopping.

5) Skills matter. I tried to eliminate most magic that just lets you do something a skilled person does better. When a character is Epic, they can do Epic things with their skills. Competency is a core concept that helps address the issue in some games where more skilled people fumble more often because of bad rolls.

6) Twelve-Sided Dice. They get no love, you know. Factor12 gives them some much needed rolling.

People with an interest in playtesting Factor12 may contact me here by PM of join in our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/yWQaPW

December 26th, 2018, 03:42
Core Concept: Skill and Competency

While Talents, Traits, and Loci let your character do all sorts of wild things, the core of each character's ability to do things lies in their skills. The 12 skills of Factor12 are involved in anything a Factor12 character attempts to do. A Character's attributes and Competency with a skill inform their ability to perform the skill and the ranks they invest in the skill improves this basis.

Competency comes in many levels, with each tier representing an advancement of both talent and sureness with the skill. Each tier of Competency comes with a modifier and a die type. The modifier straight up adds to (or subtracts from in the case of Poor Competency) the skill's total. The Competency Die is rolled under special circumstances, When rolled, the Competency Die may be substituted for one of the two twelve sided dice normally rolled for the skill; the player rolls the 3 dice together and takes the best 2.

Competency Dice also have a place in the critical/fumble system of the game. On an "Ace" (rolling two 12s on the Skill Roll) the Competency Die is rolled and added to the 24 from the two 12 siders, resulting in even more powerful effects on a "critical" success. If you roll two 1s, however, you may have scores a "Deuce" (fumble). You confirm this by rolling the Competency Die. If it too results in a 1, you've scored a Deuce and something terrible happens.

So characters with higher Competency Dice have better criticals and fumble less often. And under certain circumstances, their dice rolls follow a much happier bell curve.

Core Concept: Nexus
The magic of Factor12 is called the Nexus, and much like the Force of Star Wars, it infuses the whole of the game world, touching upon everything and everyone. Much like Glorantha, even common citizens have some ability to manipulate the Nexus, having at least 1 or 2 Loci (magical abilities). The "monsters" of the world have all sorts of unique Loci of their own, and PCs can take advantage of their knowledge about these creatures to harvest components to incorporate into their gear to become even more successful. Plus, a certain skill specialization exists to allow a PC to take on the Loci of a creature they've met instead of one of the more commonly available to people.

January 12th, 2019, 19:08
Here is a link to playtest version 1.1 pdf (https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1xgds8gffgcvka/F12PLAYTESTV1.1_optimize.pdf?dl=0) for Factor12.