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December 8th, 2018, 14:36
Hey gang,

I am at a bit of a crossroad here. I have continued to develop a large library of creatures (Bestiary entries), an Items Library, and even dug around a bit to see what it would take to create an Extension file to allow things like drag-n-drop Actions (to go with my actions library offering earlier).

I also have the first adventure in a series that I need to update to 1.6 that I could share (each being a one level adventure in a building storyline).

However, it's obvious that the Playtest is starting to wind down and a lot could change between now and the actual release come August which may make any efforts to keep this Playtest version alive rather futile. It may also prove to be wasted energy as so much may change from the Playtest to the Release Version that even an adventure set in PF2PT will need to be heavily reworked.

I've been happy to contribute to this PF2 Playtest community, but now I am wondering if it's just time to shelve it for some 8+ months and renew my fervor at a much later date.

So I guess I am wondering if anyone sees any merit in continuing to grow the PF2 Playtest material when it's essentially a dying system?

December 8th, 2018, 15:36
Well as the lead teacher on PF2 in FGC, i will continue to use the ruleset to promote PF2 as much as possible. I don't see my job as finished for 8 months, i see it as only beginning.

December 8th, 2018, 18:32
To be true, me and my group already migrated to 2ed PT, and will migrate againd when final version launches.

Currently I have some house-rules and I'm currently updating some 1ed adventures to 2ed so we can play.
So, any material will always be nice!

December 8th, 2018, 20:55
Keep it going! Just because it is winding down for the feedback period doesn't mean much, IMO. I intend to keep using it as my only gaming ruleset until the final comes out. While I doubt we will continue to see beta updates, I do think they will blog what changes they are making in a general sense.

December 8th, 2018, 21:43
Yeah, I was running a 5E campaign at the local hobby shop when I offered just a mini-break to try the PF2 Playtest rules. That was so successful I had to add a 2nd night. Not only that, the online campaign group also wanted to try and have stuck to PF2PT to an extent that we are now doing 3 campaigns online as people who stopped playing have returned. I am literally running nothing but PF2PT at the moment.

How long this momentum lasts, is another question entirely, but they seem to be enjoying it so far. I have converted some classic modules, one AP, along with Doom and a module of my own. In the process, I started making library modules to keep track of rules, add creatures, and things like alchemical and magical items.

I do realize this all has a shelf life and I wasn't honestly sure if any of it (at least the stuff I can share) has value to others. As long as it does, I'll keep sharing.

@shadelon: FGC? I generally only hang out here and on the playtest forums for Paizo. Am I missing something?

I have considered opening my table up to lurkers who might be interested in seeing my employ of the PT rules - I run a narrative style game which is (in this playtest) quite a bit heavier on the "adventure" and combat than normal - it feels like that's where the majority of the stress test is necessary. I'm really enjoying the ability to transition to combat without "roll for initiative" combat announcement now as I use the natural flow of skill checks into encounters. I am always interested in seeing other approaches and learning other tricks of the VT!

December 10th, 2018, 14:05
Fantasy Grounds College.

I am in charge of the PF2 team there, for teaching the system and FG.

Edit: I'm known as GM Seth there.