View Full Version : Source Books Update 7 Dec 2018

December 7th, 2018, 00:31
We modified some of our support software and was able to make some corrections to the NPC's and Spells in the source books.

These updates are currently on the TEST server.
The following updates have been made.
SFRPG Ruleset -1.0.12d
Fixed console errors when creating a new PC Class.
Minor Bug Fixes
Button updates.

Alien Archive, Alien Archive 2, Armory, Pact Worlds

All Source modules will update. Most for the same fixes
Fixed Spells duplicating in the Spells List windows.
Only spells from that book are listed in the book.
Added data inputs from the players manual, GM now has all the data without needing to open the Players Version.
For those books with NPC's.
The NPC's Spell Tab now populates with the spells for spell-casting NPC's.
Other Tab now show Notable Items and Gear with links.(if NPC has them).
Fixed Starfinder backpack (now gives 4 Str)

December 8th, 2018, 02:06
Awesome, good work! Thank you!

December 17th, 2018, 02:00
Thanks, Samarex. This is great and we’re so glad you’re feeling better.