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December 1st, 2018, 14:32
First off, it's not nearly as nicely organized as a Trenloe product, so don't expect too much :p

What it does offer is the following:

1) Action: You'll have all the Playtest Skill uses from the books. They can't be dragged and dropped to the character sheet, but all the pertinent information will be there on how a skill is used, it's traits, etc. So if someone wants to know how to Tumble Through or Demoralize, it can be found under Actions.

2) Actions: The basic and specialty actions are there for reference. Details on Ready, Seek, and Delay (to name a few) can be found in the actions tab.

3) Traits: I added all the Conditions I could find with the (C) label before them. So rules on Drained, Fascinated, Sluggish, etc., can be read up on by finding them or referencing them in traits. I also tossed in all the Critical Specialization Effects for each weapon category.

4) Reference Manual: The rules for various parts of the game have been added here. Currently, this include the following -

Deities (with Domains) - v1.01
Difficulty Class
Item Damage
Languages - v1.01
Skill Income

5) Spells: Some Powers and Feats are being added here for drag-and-drop options to the character actions tab (in a powers or spell class). This allows things like Ancestral Hatred bonuses or Bolder Roll damage to be readily available on the character sheet.

It'll probably get updates along the way, but that's it's current form. Suggestions for inclusion or improvement are always welcome :)

Special thanks go out to the Paizo folks who allow us to use their material under the Open Gaming License and, of course, to Trenloe who makes PF2 so easily played and possible in our beloved Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop.


PS: To get access to it in fantasy grounds, just download it from here and then go to your Application Data Folder for Fantasy Grounds. There is a modules folder that this .mod file should be placed. Then, within FG, you can find it listed among the options under the Library -> Modules for Loading. It'll be called (PF2) Rules.

December 1st, 2018, 15:39
Thanks for this, ShadeRaven. This is a great addition to PF2!

December 16th, 2018, 14:33
So I am working on a quick reformat of the Rules Library to make the Reference Manual cleaner. I was also looking at adding some other entries that might also be useful that aren't already out there.

However, one other idea crossed my mind: a pregenerated character that would have easy reference/additive powers that could then be used to drag and drop to active player characters. For now, I started with just the Dwarf Powers. It'll look like this (without the red drag-and-drop instructions):

The idea is that if GMs wanted, they could import this placeholder character and it would have quick drag-and-drop entries for some of the powers/feats for easy transfer to a in-play player character. So in the above example, the GM could grab the little square icon from the Placeholder and drop it into a Abilities (Spells) tab on a player character that had selected that feat. Example:

In Tosser's case, I dragged Ancestral Hatred from the Placeholder and plopped it into a Spell Tab labeled Features. The player (or GM) then changes the choice 1 and choice 2 conditionals in the effects to the appropriate races (in the example's case, I put in orc and giant). Thereafter, the player or GM could simply click on the two little person icons to have it added to the combat tracker for that player character automatically, and the bonuses to DMG would be added automatically whenever the conditions (dealing damage to an orc or giant in Tosser's case).

For Ancestral Hatred, there's two versions. The always active +1 DMG against two types, and the 1 minute boost to +4 DMG if the character took a critical hit that can be added as needed.

But the real question here is if having this Placeholder Character available to Import from the Library - Pregenerated Characters section would be useful.

So I'll ask out here. How helpful would this be to people? It's not a hard add to the Library if it would serve some purpose.

December 16th, 2018, 22:47
Why not put it in feats or somewhere folks are likely to look? Putting it on pre-gen is not where most would go?

December 16th, 2018, 23:08
Bid.. the feats are there (thanks to Trenloe!).. and I have even add a power entry in the Spells Tab in the DB for drag-and-drop inclusion. Problem is, you won't get the IFT effects tab adds so individuals will have to figure it out for themselves. Now I did document how to add this inside the spells/powers tab entries, so if someone looks there for Ancestral Hatred, they'll at least see the format for adding it themselves to a character sheet.

What the Pregen does is eliminate even that stage - again, probably not a big deal. Most GMs and players have probably figured this stuff out, but the more aid and information the better, I figure :)

December 16th, 2018, 23:57
Hey I am all for drag and drop usefulness but I just wouldn’t think of going to a pre-gen to find it. Maybe a branch window off the effects window (like the story templates are a branch window off story window)

December 17th, 2018, 00:12
I will continue to support having more details added to the Power/Spell write-ups so users can see how to make scripts for effects that won't natural build themselves or are a little trickier. :)

ALSO: New version is up (1.01). This includes a new section on Languages and a new section on Deities and Domains (that one is much larger with the two bigger tables in it). I also removed the story entries to avoid clutter as it's all out in the Reference Manual anyway.


December 17th, 2018, 21:35
I'm not sure if that's what you were responding to Bid, but I think the ideal scenario would be for the character tracker functionality to copy the power & effects on the Actions tab at the same time as it gets copied to the Abilities tab. Could it automatically create a section named "Ancestry & Class Abilities" (if it doesn't exist), and create powers with effect for each?

December 18th, 2018, 04:00
I find this pre-gen very useful