View Full Version : Using Intimidate skill in combat for pathfinder/FG

November 26th, 2018, 04:54
I made a new level 1 character and I have 1 rank in intimidate along with bonuses to my charisma and it gives me a +4 modifier in intimidate. However when I target the enemy and use it, all it does is show what I rolled and nothing else.

How do I make my intimidate go against the enemies will save as it is supposed to be?

November 26th, 2018, 05:11
You don't. The will save doesn't kick in until you have 5+ ranks in the Intimidate skill, then it only affects the DC of that save (DC = 10 + # ranks in Intimidate). The DC is something the GM checks as you roll, so this is Working As Intended™.

November 26th, 2018, 09:53
Is this for Pathfinder 1 or Pathfinder 2?

You mention skill ranks, which PF1 has but PF2 doesn’t.

November 26th, 2018, 10:59
Assuming you are referring to the Coerce and/or Demoralize activities in Pathfinder 2: this is something that is not automated. Skill rolls in the ruleset don't have targeting. The GM will need to check the Will DC of the relevant creature and apply any results/effects as necessary.

November 26th, 2018, 20:43
Thanks! yes this is for Pathfinder 2.