View Full Version : Second Darkness - The Armageddon Echo - Tower Ambush Map

November 7th, 2018, 00:54
On the recent FG youtube post (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSdZ-kK1SpI&t=663s) we see a conversion of a map into a nicer format for digital play.

My comment in that posting was that everything you can do with Photoshop you can easily do with Gimp.

For example the Second Darkness map for a tower ambush is almost useless for normal play.

You can see that map here:

My remade map is here:

My final view with ehanced images layers and lots of nice little tokens in FG2 is here:

November 7th, 2018, 05:45
Thanks for the post. I'll poke around and see what I can find. For this kinda stuff imma deer in the headlights. I'll have to find a good tutorial like the one Doug has made for gimp ;)