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July 16th, 2006, 20:50
Hello all! I am new to the site and have a few questions I haven't been able to find answers for on the forum just yet...

I recently moved away from my gaming group and am looking for a tool that will allow us to continue to game together though we are hundreds of miles apart now. Fantasy Grounds looks like it might fit the bill. However, we are playing a campaign using Fantasy Flight Games D20 Dragonstar setting with some D20 Modern and D20 Future rules as well.

Can a science fiction game be run using this software?

Is it possible to alter or create a character sheet to include skills and feats that are used in a futuristic character setting?

July 16th, 2006, 20:58
Yes, everything in the ruleset is editable, it might be a little tricky to change, but you can figure it out. There are two FREE versions of the MSRD, one from Digital Adventures (Thore, you got a link?) and one that Doswelk and I are working on (http://www.fouruglymonsters.com/fumcomm/index.php?f=45), I know Doswelk was planning on putting the d20 Future stuff in it that is SRD, I think he is pretty far along in getting everything in there.

July 17th, 2006, 04:56
The MSRD (http://www.digitaladventures.net/downloads.htm) has everything from the Modern SRD in it, which includes Future, Urban Arcana, and the Menace Manual. It's also got a completely new graphical environment.

It's well-suited to Sci-fi.

July 17th, 2006, 13:17
There will also be some Urban Fantasy (while not Sci-Fi...possible people could be interested...) supplements being released by myself over the course of the next few months...I hope :S They're coming along now...

July 22nd, 2006, 16:20
I manage to play d6 Star Wars on my copy of Fantasy Grounds simply because I don't use all the extra features the SRD provides. All I needed to do was get a "Generic Character Sheet" made up (which I believe is now available online somewhere) and use it to create a Star Wars character sheet with (the same sheet could also be used to make Call of Cthulhu, Heavy Gear, or any number of other character sheet types out of... when I say Generic, I MEAN Generic)


Note how even the attributes had to be written in. For those of us who play an obscure game or just don't have time to get everything made for it, this is a pretty good alternative, I think

July 22nd, 2006, 16:29
Nice....you mean there is a Heavy Gear game being ran using FG????? Where, when, and who????

July 22nd, 2006, 17:36
Sorry, strictly hypothetical. I suspect this Generic Sheet (Toadwart, where is it posted now?) could be adapted to a great many games, is all I was saying.

July 22nd, 2006, 18:15
drat, I love Heavy Gear! Since they updated to their new d20ish rpg system though, it is ridiculous how much you have to pay for the rules now, I think it around $70 to get the necessary books just to get started.

Ram Tyr
July 22nd, 2006, 19:27
You can find Toadwart & Mossfoot's Generic Character Sheet (http://fouruglymonsters.com/fumcomm/viewtopic.php?t=399) at Four Ugly Monsters (http://fouruglymonsters.com).

I had a little chuckle when I realized that snikle didn't point this out to you, mossfoot! :D


July 22nd, 2006, 19:59
ah...er, uh......well there is so much going on there, one little monster cannot keep track of everything there! Yeah! That's the ticket!

Ram Tyr
July 22nd, 2006, 20:27

Just don't let the Mummy find out...I hear he has the Boss template and he keeps the other three monsters in check...

Of course, there are also tales being told concerning his burning bu...uh...well, maybe I should not repeat these things... :D


July 22nd, 2006, 20:31
LOL Obvisouly a avid reader of FUM:Stripped. good to know, ya he keeps us in check, however he is out this weekend! When the mummy is away..... ;-)

July 23rd, 2006, 06:15
LOL Obvisouly a avid reader of FUM:Stripped. good to know, ya he keeps us in check, however he is out this weekend! When the mummy is away..... ;-)

You burn his extra wrappings?

July 23rd, 2006, 06:31
No... We make sure we don't run out of toilet-paper. Of course if he ever finds out we will know the full brunt of the Mummy's curses...

July 24th, 2006, 01:55
Hehe funny you should mention burning his wrapping, we actually have the nex few episodes mapped out. Not sure when we will release the next one as we all have a pretty hectic schedule at the moment. Just hope are enjoying them, not gotten much feedback on the second one though.