View Full Version : FG-CON 13: The Isle of Woe

September 27th, 2018, 18:57
You had been traveling the trade routes of the Dread Sea for several weeks aboard the “Crow”, a merchant ship Captained by the Syranthian, Domito Berantios. The job was proving to be easy coin as the pirates you were hired to defend the cargo against were no where to be seen. En-route to the distant Tricarnian City of Princes a terrible storm fell upon the crew. During the night the ship was blown off course into a jagged reef. The Crow’s hull was ripped open and the ship went down in the murky depths. You managed to cling to some debris from the ship and held on for life as the cry’s of your crew mates began to fade in the distance. At some point during the night you came to rest on an island. Now, without food or water, can you survive the island’s dangers and find a means to escape?

Number of Players: 4
Text/Voice: Voice
GM License/Player License: I have an Ultimate License, no license needed just turn up and play
Game System: Beasts and Barbarians (Savage Worlds)

Book (https://www.fg-con.com/events/beasts-and-barbarians-the-isle-of-woe/)

Pregens will be provided:
Rykard: A mighty barbarian from the North.
Utu: A proud warrior from the Ivory Savannah.
The Grey One: A bone clad slayer from the Cairnlands.
Zora: The beautiful and deadly Amazon warrior.
Gu Lang: The warrior monk from distant Lhoban.
Dhaar: A Valk horseman and archer.