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September 23rd, 2018, 09:21
Return to Saxfordshire the most haunted county in England, experience once more the inability to make phone calls with your cellular phones when you need them most!

Coming second in the Choose your own adventure poll, I am returning to the "campaign" I ran back in 2010/11/12 on an infrequent basis, Dark Times in Saxfordshire. Return with the "29ers" (people born on the 29th February, who seem to attract the unusual and the macabre ) a little into the future in a small English county, return to Saxfordshire once more…

The Saxfordshire Gazette has been publishing excerpts of a fictional diary of a Victorian priest Zachary Shawe, it seems he was a member of a strange organization called the Rippers, the diary was discovered recently during the excavation of old Gunpowder Mill, the stories within have captured the imagination of the public.

However it appears the book was not finished, the final entry describes the travel to the Gunpowder mill and then ends abruptly, in 1901 on the same day as the death of Queen Victoria the mill exploded…
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Number of Players: 8
Text/Voice: Voice
GM License/Player License: I have an Ultimate License, no license needed just turn up and play

Book here (https://www.fg-con.com/events/dark-times-in-saxfordshire/)

Other useful info includes:

Game System: Savage Worlds
Genre: Modern Horror
Newbie Friendly: Yes

Available Characters

Tina McCloud - Weather Girl and Monster Slayer
Kyra Longbaugh - Shy young botanist who has a way with plants
Craig Rankins - Ex-fireman and Parkour runner
Brett Hackman - Disgraced new reporter
Byron MacBride - Homeless man with an ornate staff and a carrier bag

September 23rd, 2018, 09:26
Dave Love - Ex-soldier with a stash of "borrowed" equipment
Reginald White - Ex-cop now a private detective
Rowan "Solo" Cullen - I.T. Consultant/Hacker/Game Coder/Geek
Ray Moorcroft - Well travelled outdoors man likes competing in hedge-laying competitions
Kui Yun - Pacifist martial artist who when forced to fight ends it quickly.