View Full Version : Miss damage

August 27th, 2018, 21:55
When creating an NPC, how do I add Miss damage so that it appears as a draggable damage 'teardrop' in the combat tracker?

August 31st, 2018, 18:41
I would be interested in how to do this as well. Maybe it can be found by having a look at the bestiary module, but I doubt it.
Maybe the question is not transparent enough. At least it isn‘t, if you are not used to 13th Age. You should know for some attacks, if character misses, they will instead deal damage, usually equal to their level. Sounds strange, but you will like the rules, if you understand them.

Honestly I guess, NPC‘s will be treated like monsters, and monsters will not have this kind of option. Maybe you should just create another player character, playing him/her as NPC if you like. But I think it‘s not intended that NPC‘s will have the same rules in this case like players.
It‘s all about balancing, escalation die, etc. Read the old 13th Age forum for explanation, or join the google+ community. You‘ll see..