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July 19th, 2018, 20:29
Hi guys'n'gals.

Thanks for all the help in my other thread. Most of my questions have been duly answered or found out by myself. This community here, albeit small, is very cool. Great stuff, really!

I am still scratching my head about vehicle combat though. As mentioned before, it seems, that there is no way of adding vehicles to the CT. Even when adding them to a map or to the party sheet (tab order) you only get a pin, not the token.
Either I am doing something wrong (totally possible :D ) or this just isn'T possible as of now.

So my question to you all is, how you manage vehicle combat. Are you rolling manually (check for hit and damage) and apply this in the vehicle sheet also manually? Or do you have another way, you handle this?

I am currently preparing a high speed chase. My travellers will be running a ground car with an open trailer. The trailer contains a crate with contraband. At some stage it is very likely, that they will be chased by a local police ATV.
Both vehicles are unarmed. Two of my travellers will sit in the back seats and may open fire on the ATV through the windows (difficult task, if driver is going very fast or weaving between market stands and people, it will become a very difficult task). The policemen will definitely try to stop the car and will therefore open fire on the ground car themselves.

Staging this with FG might get a tad difficult. How would you go about this task?

Any hints greatly appreciated,