View Full Version : War Machines Mecha, Droids, & Robot Tokens

Tailz Silver Paws
June 22nd, 2018, 11:47
Hello folks, it has been a while but I'm still fussing about with Tokens and map tiles. This weekend I am launching a new collections of science fiction tokens: War Machines Mecha, Droids, & Robot Tokens (https://www.wyldfurr.com/project/war-machines/?utm_source=Forum%20Post&utm_medium=Fantasy%20Grounds&utm_campaign=War%20Machines&utm_term=War%20Machines&utm_content=War%20Machines).

This new package has a collection of human size robot tokens, plus a range of large Mecha and sci-fi tanks. This package is aimed at people who play game systems such as Starfinder or the sci-fi versions of GURPS. But the pack can be used for any science fiction themed system.



Drop by the Studio WyldFurr web site and have a peek today!
https://www.wyldfurr.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/rpgnow-cover-war-machines.jpg (https://www.wyldfurr.com/project/war-machines/?utm_source=Forum%20Post&utm_medium=Fantasy%20Grounds&utm_campaign=War%20Machines&utm_term=War%20Machines&utm_content=War%20Machines)