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June 5th, 2018, 09:27
Hi everyone!

I just got FG, from my understanding I can join any game with any format i want since I have the FG license, is that correct?
Let's say I join a SF campaign, I can not create a char sheet for it unless I buy a copy of the FG-SF core rulebook correct? will the DM of the game have to provide me a char sheet?
If the gm provides me a sheet, can I modify it even though I don't have the FG-SF core? or I'll just be able to see/use it in that game?

50$ for a product I already own physically is a lot for just accessing char sheet (since I don't plan on GM-ing) any way around?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and answer :D

June 5th, 2018, 11:47
Hi SINner welcome to FG.

Your DM will provide you with the core rules and you will be able to create a character when you have joined a game. You don't therefore need to buy anything else. If you wish to be able to create a character offline from a DM then you will either have to create the character manually by typing in all of the information or buy the book yourself.

June 5th, 2018, 16:16
Welcome to the forums SINner.

To expand/clarify what Zacchaeus says. If you don't have the Starfinder ruleset in FG, then you won't have access to the character sheet unless you are connected to the GM's campaign. While connected to that campaign with Fantasy Grounds you can do all the edits/updates to your character. When not connected to the GM you will be able to use Manage Characters to access your PC from the Manage Characters -> Campaigns list - this uses an encrypted local cache of the data from when you last joined the GM's game.

Within that Manage Characters campaign, you will have read-only access to the character/s you owned when you last exited the GMs game. You will not have access to any of the material the GM shared with you, unless you have it locally - e.g. you won't be able to access the SF Core Rulebook module unless you have purchased it.

Now - here's the little known thing with manage characters. As you have downloaded cache of all the data needed to play, you also have the ability to create new characters, or export/import them in Manage Characters when the SFRPG campaign you joined is loaded - i.e. the local cache data contains the ruleset - just for that specific campaign cache. So, it is possible to create new characters, export the read-only copy of your campaign PC and then re-import it as a new PC you can edit and store in your local Manage Characters data store.

So - as far as basic PC maintenance goes, you can manually create or modify characters without a need to purchase the SFRPG Core Rules. But you must have joined a GM's game beforehand on the computer where you do this - and you will need to use Manage Characters and select that GM's campaign from the campaign list.

The above is probably very confusing for someone who is new to Fantasy Grounds. What it really is saying is that you will be able to do some basic creating/editing outside of owning the SFRPG ruleset, as long as you've connected to a GM to have the cache files locally. All the editing will be purely manual, as you won't have access to the drag/drop functionality of the Core Rules module data.

June 5th, 2018, 18:56
got it, very explanatory thanks a lot!