View Full Version : FUM presents another FUM Freebie: The Se7enDust

May 11th, 2006, 18:25
Yep, thats right we have done it again, another FUM Freebie to help support our growing community. This one was born in the depth's of Dev's skull, and you know what that means....It totally rocks! This is a complete ship design, each floor is mapped out in detail and the specifics for Serenity RPG campaign are included. Don't play Serenity, or unfamiliar with the game? That's ok, this will still work for any Sci-fi style game.


On another note, be sure to sign up for the FUM Mailing List, another great Freebie willl be released later this month, exclusively to the FUM Mailing List members and will not be available anywhere else.