View Full Version : Monte Cook's THE LEGACY OF THE DRAGONS BESTIARY Conversion for Fantasy Grounds!

May 11th, 2006, 03:43
Digital Adventures, LLC Presents: Monte Cook's THE LEGACY OF THE DRAGONS BESTIARY Conversion for Fantasy Grounds is now available for download!

The hideous ghoul worm . . . the deadly blade trolls . . . the prowling kahrn, which literally feeds on combat and anger. . . . This monster supplement for Fantasy Grounds provides dozens of new adversaries and allies like these, created as a bestiary for the best-selling Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved setting and the Arcana Evolved Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds.

Inside Legacy of the Dragons, 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook and popular d20 System author Mike Mearls present dozens of new nasties for your delight. From akashic seeker to zetetic, this book has what you need to add some teeth to your campaign! For original, well-designed, and fearsome monsters, look no further than those who serve as the Legacy of the Dragons.

Included with this Fantasy Grounds purchase is:

* 50 new monsters from CR 1/4 to CR 20-each complete with its own encounter from Monte Cook's award winning Arcana Evolved Campaign Setting.

* 15 new and exciting NPC personalities from the lands of the Diamond Throne.

* Image and token files for monsters and NPCs.

* Monster entries included as (separate) XML code to add to your custom ruleset monster.xml file, or as Personalities.

Encounter entries, images & tokens, monster personalities, and NPCs are compiled into a single MOD file for use with your Arcana Evolved Ruleset. The AE Ruleset is required to activate this MOD file.

To purchase Legacy of the Dragons for Arcana Evolved and Fantasy Grounds visit Digital Adventure's online store at:


To purchase the Arcana Evolved Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds go to:


This d20 accessory is written for the Fantasy Grounds software from SmitWorks, and the enclosed MOD file can only be used with the Arcana Evolved Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds, also from Digital Adventures and Malhavoc Press. For more information on Fantasy Grounds see their website at http://www.fantasygrounds.com, and for information on the AE Ruleset visit www.digitaladventures.net.