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June 2nd, 2018, 15:46
Patron: Jeremiah Archer, Retired Bureaucrat
Skills:Recon, Computer, Stealth
Reward: 10,000cr ea

Jeremiah has obtained personnel files on the PC's, and believes they could help with a little job, He requires them to break into a company office and obtain data records to help with an ongoing investigation. Ideally no one is to be harmed as its a clandestine operation.

1: Jeremiah is an Imperial Agent and wants to use the PC's as deniable Assets

2: As 1 but the company holds records of various “Payments” to Jeremiah that could involve him in a scandal and possible arrest.

3: After obtaining the data Jeremiah intends to sell it to a rival company and will ask the PC's to help out with the handover before paying them.

4: As 3 but Jeremiah will pull a switch on the PC's keeping the data & the cash.

5: As 2 but after meeting Jeremiah, the PC's are contacted by a different agent wanting to expose him.

6: Jeremiah is a fantasist and wants to use the Party as source material for a spy novel, he will request a very detailed plan that the players use, however he has no cash to pay them.