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June 1st, 2018, 00:02
I am brand new to Fantasy Grounds.

Can I easily use my own icons?

How much time would it take to input a custom monster? For example, the Epic Fire Elemental from 13TW?

What about custom classes? (like those in 13TW?)

June 1st, 2018, 03:25
Hi John, and Welcome! to the Community,

Entering a custom monster is one of the functions of all Fantasy Grounds (FG) Rulesets, as is unique Items and other records.

A custom class is trickier, because it requires some coding (in XML & LUA) to tie it back into the automation of FG.

Icons - it depends upon what you mean exactly: changing the look of the Ruleset is possible, but it does require some coding to do it - we do it via Theme Extensions (Extension = Plug-In). If you're talking about Tokens (ie Miniatures) then that's just a matter of loading up the image file(s). If you're talking about 13A-Icons (eg the Dwarf King, etc) then those are "story" elements which (from memory) are just a "note"/"entry" on the character sheet, so should be no issue at all.

Apart from the 13A Ruleset directly, let me go off on a slight tangent - If you haven't done so already, let me encourage you to take a look at some of the great Tutorial Videos available on the Fantasy Grounds Wiki (and on YouTube). Damn's are good, as are Xorn's, and people seem to like mine as well (mine are also available from the links in my sig, below).

Start with the ones on the CoreRPG, because the CoreRPG forms the foundation of just about all the RPGs we play with Fantasy Grounds - so by learning how to use FG with the CoreRPG you'll learn about 80% of what you'll need to know to play any RPG with Fantasy Grounds. Once you've gone through the CoreRPG Videos you can then go on to Videos about your chosen RPG.

When you get familiar with the basic Fantasy Grounds product the next step is to check out some of the Extensions (Plug-Ins) for FG, such as the DOE: Sound, DOE: Locations, DOE: Weather and DOE: Organisations Extensions (to name a but a few - and a Shameless™ Self Plug).

And keep on asking questions - we're a pretty friendly lot here, and we love answering questions.


June 1st, 2018, 05:20
Thank you. I was talking about 13th Age icons (The High Druid, etc, so that sounds like a no-brainer). I'll take a look at the videos after my 13th Age Kickstarter ends (40 minutes). I can't think about much else right now. :)

June 9th, 2018, 03:55
If I am interpreting your question correctly, You can add new icons that the GM brings into the game at the player level, using the Icons Tab. On that tab you build your icons and it's supporting descriptive information in the upper "Icons" window. I recommend that when building the icon, the player should set up the relationship the ICON has in regards to his society/campaign, and their personal relationship with the icon (i.e: The Watchers - Unaligned/Conflicted). After building the new icon, a "Relations" line will automatically be created in the lower window. Assign your icon points in the relationship window.

Hope this answer helps.