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May 16th, 2018, 17:52
I use gimp to make my tokens, but I cant figure out how to just select the image...and transparency the rest. Anyone got a clue?

May 16th, 2018, 18:14

Also, do an online search for gimp magic wand transparent you'll get a bunch of hits that tell you have to use the magic wand to make the background transparent.

May 16th, 2018, 22:07
This seems to be a nice token maker: Token Stamp (https://rolladvantage.com/tokenstamp/)

I've also used Token Tools referenced in this post: Token-maker-program (https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?34644-Token-maker-program)

Once I saw Rob2e mention the first one in one of his videos, I prefer it over the Token Tools one.

Hope this helps.

May 22nd, 2018, 06:35
I use the Token Stamp one all of the time. It is really easy to use!