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April 28th, 2018, 13:37
Hello dear friends! I again ask for help. At once I apologize for the translator Google. Please tell me who can give the source extension to replace the background image or perhaps give a link to the manual to replace the background. Perhaps such a topic already exists, but because of poor English I can not find, please, thanks for your patience.

April 28th, 2018, 22:55
i am not sure if you only mean desktop, but will assume you do. the area with black filled with red dots. (big red square drawn around it)
to change that you need an extension, or edit the theme, or ruleset.

files to look for:


<framedef name="desktop">
<bitmap file="graphics/frames/desktop.jpg" />

if you want the sidebar with all the buttons on the right changed, in most cases it is the same image, but you can make it 2 images.

it normally looks like this:

<framedef name="shortcuts">
<bitmap file="graphics/frames/desktop.jpg" />

but you an change it to this:

<framedef name="shortcuts">
<bitmap file="graphics/frames/sidebar.jpg" />

make your new sidebar.jpg file.

will also have to change the numbers. i am not sure this word will translate from english to another language, but you have to assign the bit-mapping coordinates.

here is what i did with my HeroQuest theme with only 2 tiny images.

<framedef name="desktop">
<bitmap file="graphics/frames/desktop.png" />
<middle rect="0,0,40,40" />
<framedef name="shortcuts">
<bitmap file="graphics/frames/sidebar.jpg" />
<middle rect="0,0,50,50" />

since i have two images instead of 1 it is much easier to code.
where you see 40,40 is because 40x40 pixels is the size of the image.
where you see 50,50 is because 50x50 pixels is the size of the image.

this will make the background image repeat over an over so it fills both the desktop area (on the left where your image shows the black with red dots) and the sidebar (on the right where the buttons are).

you might not have to change both. it will depend on if the ruleset, theme, or EXT (extension) used in that picture uses 1 image that has both the desktop and sidebar.

if "shortcuts" in graphics_frames.xml says desktop.jpg, then you will have to do it with 2 images.
just rename desktop.jpg file to sidebar.jpg, and make a new desktop.jpg file.
then change shortcuts in the XML from desktop.jpg file to sidebar.jpg.

This will keep the sidebar looking exactly as it is now, and you only need to edit the numbers for the new desktop.jpg in desktop section of the graphics_frames.xml

hope this helps, if not, someone else should be able to give better help, if they know what ruleset or theme you are using.

April 29th, 2018, 13:28
Thank you very much! This is what I was looking for

April 29th, 2018, 14:13
See if this helps too: https://youtu.be/ZLM0qMsNybg

May 5th, 2018, 11:00