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April 19th, 2018, 20:05
I edited some fields and created sHP (Shield Hit Points) but I would like these Hit Points to decrease with the application of the damage, however I do not know which one or which are related to HP loss.
I would like it to work the same as HP and Combat Tracker FP and the character and NPC spreadsheets with cHP and cFP


April 20th, 2018, 05:02
The linking of fields is done in the LUA scripts, specifically, ct_entry.lua.

April 20th, 2018, 05:23
Thanks Ronnke, I'll see if I can do anything!
I thought it was something related to the damage, in the scripts part.

April 20th, 2018, 15:06
Ronnke took the liberty and I added the status "Dead" with the black color in the manager actor, then I intend to try to use it to define the status of the shield hit points
And I still did not succeed in applying damage to the shield :(

April 20th, 2018, 23:52
Yako, assuming you get this to work. How are you going to figure out the correct amount to subtract from the shields DR? Some auto calculation?

April 21st, 2018, 20:10
The same way I always did, putting a negative modifier based on RD before applying the damage and then applying the damage modifier, that of doubling, dividing by 2 of the chat and then dragging to the character.

April 22nd, 2018, 05:29
Hrmm, seems quicker to just do it in your head.