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April 15th, 2018, 21:59
Hiya admins,

Just a suggestion for the next FGCon - please have the GMs post ALL the requirements for being in a game if it's a league/society game. As in, not just requiring a number and a "league certified character" to play, but the fact that there's no pregens/no way a new person to these leagues can play.

It was disappointing to finally decide to try it out, only to be told I can't play because I "don't have a tier 2 character", and can't just show up and play.

I'm not annoyed at the fact that there's these games at the con, I'm annoyed there wasn't sufficient warning that you can't play unless you meet these strict guidelines. I believe I have lost any desire I may have had to try out any league/society game.

Just my little rant :p

April 15th, 2018, 23:08
Sorry you’ve had a bad experience Aletheia.

Thanks for your feedback. A lot of ALO games were posted at the last minute and as a result full details and clear communication of the player/PC requirements have obviously been missed or were not made clear enough. Sorry about that.

We’ll try to have better communication around requirements, and other areas that we’ve identified that need improvement, at future FG Cons.

September 19th, 2018, 07:49
Hey, I agree that it is really important to have a proper communication and introduction to the game and the players.

I can feel some SPAM coming along....