View Full Version : Tier 1-2 - Scenario #06-10 - The Wounded Wisp THIS SUNDAY (Apr 15)

April 10th, 2018, 23:25
Does Anyone have any interest in Joining a PFS game on April 15 (Sunday)? Time is 12:00pm CDT (UTC-5) and will run for 4 hours.

This would be an intro Scenario to PFS organized play.

GM has a standard license and will be running different scenarios about every 2 weeks at the same time.

We use discord for voice chat (little or no text chat) and the GM has a standard license, so you will need a standard or ultimate license to play (except this weekend is a free ultimate because of the FG-con!)

Send me an IM and I'll add you to my game group's discord server. You can then go to the #game-calendar channel and RSVP there. Looking for 2-4 players.

Please be aware there are people of all ages on our server and please no inappropriate language or situations during gameplay or on the server!

Thank You!