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April 10th, 2018, 22:29
Hey all. Looking for a group who is willing to put up with my lack of knowledge when it comes to FG. I am interested in learning to play using FG and if all goes well then maybe even DMing at some point.

Current, i have access to the irl versions of
Player's Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide
Monster Manual (dmg 2.0?)
Sword Coast Adventure's Guide
Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Princes of the Apocolypse

I think I might have one or two more but I can't remember. Lol.

I know the IRL books don't help but if anyone is in the 19464 area and wants to play then I'm also game.

If I can find some great peoples willing to teach me, then I may have one or two more interested in learning to play at some point. I usually get pretty into the characters that I am creating so you have to be a little willing to actually have fun. I'd like to find a group that is willing to run on a week night if possible but not the 9p.m. to 4 a.m. crap that I keep seeing. Let me know if anyone is looking for a fun new member. = )

edit: 2 things..... I just realize something, I think this is posted in the wrong spot. Sorry to any of the admins for the inconvenience. Second, I forgot to mention, if I end up liking my group and FG as a whole, I will be upgrading to the ultimate license (for more fun with more people) and get the D&D complete bundle.

April 11th, 2018, 00:25
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