View Full Version : Looking for Pathfinder Players for 1 shots in GMT+8 Evenings

Rusty Kneecap
April 8th, 2018, 13:03
FG License: Rusty has Ultimate License, so players only need free account.

Game System: Pathfinder

Time Zone: GMT +8

Day of week and time: Any day from 8 pm to 11 pm. (would suit Perth WA and SE Asia - evenings, Europe - Afternoons , USA and Americas - Early Morning, Australian east coast - late night.

We have Whats App group set up where notifications of games are posted. DMs are welcome to join if they want to put the call out for players to join their games. This us a great way for beginning DMs to make a start.

Players of all ages and level of experience are welcome. We are very happy to help you get to know Pathfinder or Fantasy Grounds.

Planned Duration & Frequency: i.e. 3 Hour session – Weekly. Sometimes more often if enough players are available.

Term: i.e. 1 shots

Text or Voice: Voice. Text between game sessions.

Voice software used: Discord, What’s App used for text between game sessions.

Roleplay & Combat mix: Varied

Number of Players in game & needed: We usually aim for four players each session.

Character starting level & equipment: Usually level 1. Pre gens are available. Some DMs will run higher level one shots.

Character restrictions: Characters must be set up in advance of game time. Pre Gens available

Abilities 4d6 -lowest and re roll any 1s left in the final 3.

Details of your scenario:
Depends on DM. Rusty's games are in the original DnD world of Mystara. T
Game play
This is a group of mixed ages and all players are expected to behave and use voice appropriately.
We play one shots in the Mystara setting with the aim being to get to know new players, develop characters and then introduce them the main campaign.

Players may drop in and out week to week, but must be available for a full game session.

As a GM, Rusty is fairly flexible and not too obsessed with rules. If you think it is logical, then put the idea forward and we will see what we can do. There are several very experienced players in the group who across multiple rule sets and they assist the GM moderate.

If interested:
Private message Rusty or respond to this thread. Thanks for your interest

Send Rusty your discord name. You will be invited to join in the next game after that. You will need Whats App and will need to provide a phone number to get game notifications.