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April 2nd, 2018, 01:17
I am slowly contacting various members of the Castles & Crusades community who have created their own custom content and getting permission to release their creations for Fantasy Grounds. Rather than having a bunch of individual modules, I will update this one as more content gets added to keep things simple for everyone concerned.

Release 1.0 contains the following content from Gus Badnell, aka Lord Dynel:

Witch class
Half-ogre race
Optional rules for zero-level characters

As with everything I produce, there is a reference manual, of course. All playable data (classes, races, etc.) will be formatted to match what you see in the Players Handbook, etc. including drag-and-drop capability.

April 16th, 2019, 18:08
Updated the CC module today with the following:

Merged the Pregenerated Characters into this product, so this is now a one-stop community shop.
Added two new level 3 pregens.
Added an Option Rules section to the reference manual for various "house rules."
Added the first of many magic items. These should be fully (or nearly so) configured to just drop in and play.
Several class variants (more coming). NOTE: All descriptive class text has been omitted for legal reasons; only the mechanics (abilites, traits, etc.) have their (usually new) descriptions.
OGL page added to reference manual, just in case it would be necessary. Better safe than sorry.

A few more of the creators in the C&C community have graciously permitted their work to be included here. This is merely the first release of all that, because there's a lot more coming but I wanted to get this out to give you all a taste.

Note: All the pregens (except the two brand-new ones I added) still need to be updated to fully mesh with the ruleset updates that have occurred over the past few years, if anyone wants to help out?

April 16th, 2019, 20:35
Another update!

More magic items.
Collection of spells for each caster class.