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March 18th, 2018, 21:47
CoreRPG based rulesets read the currency labels from the GameSystem.currencies LUA table. If the campaign you're playing has different coin names/labels you can change FG to use these instead of the defaults. Or actually add some labels - base CoreRPG and MoreCore don't have any currency labels set - which is understandable as they are generic rulesets meant to cover many different RPG systems and settings.

Attached is a very simple extension that has a single script package that is executed when the campaign loads, all the script does is set the LUA table:

GameSystem.currencies = { "PP", "GP", "SP", "CP" };

These are just example labels - change them to whatever you want.

When the extension is activated in a campaign it will set the currencies for the campaign - if they have not been used before. You'll get different behaviour if you already have currency entries in the party sheet, for example.

The main area this will impact is the Party Sheet inventory and the treasure parcel. It won't automatically set these currency values in a PC sheet - those will be populated if loot is distributed from the party sheet, or just add them in manually as required.

March 18th, 2018, 22:06
I try immediately!