View Full Version : LFP 5E Lair Assault Forge of the Dawn Titan Sat 3/10 2000 CST

March 7th, 2018, 19:15
Looking for 4 players to run through Forge of the Dawn Titans. This is a one shot designed for a party of 5th lvl. The encounter is designed to be difficult and will most likely result in a TPK. This is not an adventure for new players. This meant to be played by power gamers, tacticians, and min/maxers. Please do not apply if you are new to DnD. This is not new player friendly and will most likely sour you on the experience. For those brave enough to face the challenges, the Forge awaits you! This is my first time running it so I am not sure how long individual games will take but I read about 90 minutes. That means we can probably do two run through unless you somehow manage to win the first one.

I have the ultimate license and all of the core books. If your interested in joining message me on Discord TundraReturns#4618. I will get you all the details for Character creation.