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March 3rd, 2018, 14:54
The Legends Awaken initiative is a new way for you to enjoy being part of a shared gaming experience. Want to be a part of some amazing gaming? Savage Mojo is giving out free Fantasy Grounds modules for GMs who are willing to run games, and we're happy to provide friendly support and guidance along the way.

At Savage Mojo we've been hard at work, with huge thanks to Ellspeth for her efforts in converting material from PDF to Fantasy Grounds. We've taken all the books for the award-winning Suzerain setting and have been making it available for FG adventuring. It was quite the adventure in its own right!

Now that's largely done, we'd like to invite you, the community, to enjoy what we've created, to become part of creating the next generation of world lore through your own gaming sessions. Ellspeth has graciously agreed to be a welcoming and friendly face of our Legends Awake Initiative alongside Clyde, the Suzerain Guide.

What do you need to do to score free loot?

Let us know you want to play in games. Ellspeth and Clyde will happily tell you more about the Suzerain universe and show you a bunch of pre-gen material which can get you into it. If you're willing to GM a game at the up-coming FG-Con ( www.fg-con.com), or set up a gaming group to play outside of that, we'll give you the full Gamemasters Edition of Savage Suzerain for free. On the house. With our compliments.

It's as simple as that. Say hi, enjoy gaming, and get goodies.
Miles M Kantir
Publisher, Savage Mojo
As you can see this is a repost of Miles offer on this thread. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?40575-Savage-Mojo-Legends-Awaken-Initiative/page2

New intro modules are now available in the store, you can pay the $1 and have it added to your table via auto update, or choose the absolutely free option link though that you will download and drop into your module folder yourself. More will be being released over the next two months until anything you could get the free PDF for through Savage Mojo or RPGnow will also be available as a complete mini-module on Fantasy Grounds.

And Miles doesn't want anyone left out just because they have had other commitments for the weekend of FG-Con, and you won't be. This is an extended offer for the next few months. Contact Clyde or myself on what you need to do to get the complimentary Suzerain GM Edition module while the offer lasts.

March 3rd, 2018, 22:41
Cool. I've looked at Suzerain a few times but presently am running Deadlands and Lankhmar - but heck, I could be talked into doing some of this.

March 3rd, 2018, 22:50
Savage Worlds is pretty cool running at maxed-out levels :)

March 3rd, 2018, 23:10
Hey feel free to grab the free modules, though they are linked to the Suzerain main module, which is part of the reason for this offer. Also we expect to have 4-6 one shots running during FG-Con, though we hope for few more, so watch for those as well. I'll be running some Noir Knights, Clyde I think plans to run something from Millenium Knights or Relic, a few others are still deciding, because with such an array of settings under a single ruleset, but all linked makes it hard to decide. :).
Also I run a Wednesday night Noir Knights, if you have the opportunity we welcome those who want to kibbutz, and with a few days advance notice you can even play a guest agent with one of the pre-gens.
Yeah Savage Worlds is pretty cool for the players at maxed out levels, but as a GM, demi-gods are freaking HARD to kill.

March 4th, 2018, 01:12
Well done guys!

March 24th, 2018, 13:40
Just a reminder to those of you who were interested, we still have time to get new people ready for FG-Con, but beyond that, this offer is open for the next few months. savage Mojo now has their own Discord server (https://savagemojo.com/forums/singleThread.cfm?tID=3173) so feel free to drop in, say hi to the team, and ask about how you can still join the Legends Awaken Initiative and claim you free Suzerain module.

April 15th, 2018, 13:32
FG-Con is nearly over but this offer isn't. You can catch us on the Savage Mojo Discord server https://discord.gg/tKEhuwy to find out what you can do to get your own comp module of the main Suzerain ruleset before the end of May.
or atop by tomorrow evening and join us for this "Come join members of the Savage Mojo family Monday, April 16th here on Discord at 7pm EST. We'll be answering questions, getting to know the fans and playing through a one shot which should have some seats open if you want to sit down with us. If you want to join, message RPGClyde#2360 for details."

Miles M Kantir
June 7th, 2018, 21:10
Damned has set up a new FG-Daze event! https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?44202-FGDaze-23rd-June-2018

Savage Mojo will definitely be running games as part of that. We've got a bunch of great ideas, so if you want to experience some of the Suzerain universe then I'm sure we can get you in on a session or two. If you're willing to run a session, I'd like to offer our full support - we'll happily work with you on creating great "Suzerainy" encounters, help with stat blocks, and I'm offering a special: I'll commission unique artwork for any session as part of FG-Daze, to give you that extra special bling.