View Full Version : check for success in throwDice()

December 28th, 2017, 22:56
I try to roll the attack roll, hitlocations and damage in one double click on the attack field in the combat manager. But as far as I can see the successes of the roll is calculated in control.throwDice(), so I can't see if the attack roll is a success, before I add the damage to the hitlocation.

Is there a way, where I can adjust the thowDice() function, so I can get it to call a function for hitlocations and damage if the attack roll is successful?

Moon Wizard
January 2nd, 2018, 07:42
The Comm.throwDice API call will eventually call the chatwindow.onDiceLanded event.

If you are building off of the CoreRPG ruleset as a layer, you’ll want to use the built in ActionsMaganer script calls by reviewing examples from 3.5E or 5E rulesets. (ActionAttack, ActionInit, etc.)

If you’re building a ruleset from scratch, you can get handle the chatwindow.onDiceLanded event directly.