View Full Version : LF1M D&D 5E One Shot Thursday 11/16/17 @ 2200 EST

November 15th, 2017, 10:02
FG License: Ultimate (anyone can join the game, even demo users)
Game System: DnD 5e (Homebrew flanking variant rule and crit/fumble table).

Date and time [EDT] (UTC: -5): Thursday 11/16/17 @ 10pm EST
Characters: Level 3 Characters (Standard ability point distribution (15,14,13,12,10,8), or standard 27 point buy); Any official D&D WOTC sourcebooks for character creation. I will have server up one hour prior to gametime for character generation if needed.

Text or Voice: Voice mostly, text can be used, but only for emotes, whispers, etc
Voice software used: TeamSpeak (Will send info to players who join)

Roleplay & Combat mix: Depends on the party, but it's a one shot so we'll say 30/70
Max number of players: 5 (4 slots filled already, looking for one more)
Planned Game Duration: 4-6 hours (until the module ends)
Gameplay: I am all about moving the story forward and less about rule lawyering. I do want play by the rules, but I'd rather enjoy the roleplaying and story than arguing about the rules. I am still learning the rules, so mistakes I can guarantee will be made by me. If this is ok, please join up.
Player Experience: Any type of experience is welcome, new players or experienced players. Just looking to have a great time.

DM's Request: If you decide that this game is not for you, or that you cannot make the game after signing up; please just let me know in either a post here, post in the calendar, private forum message, carrier pigeon, or smoke signals. We all know that things happen and real life may interrupt. I promise, if something happens to me, I'll do the same for you and let everyone know. There is nothing more frustrating then waiting for a player or turning away players and then having someone not show up for a game without sending any message. Even worse is when they don't even send a message after the game is played. It's unfair to the players that have signed up, the players that we have turned away due to group being full, and not fair to the DM. (Sorry for the rant, but if it offends you, then you may not want to sign up for this adventure).

If still interested, please post here.

Thanks for your time reading the post,

November 15th, 2017, 23:04
If it didn't start so late I'd jump onboard. Hope you guys have fun.

Artrem is an awesome GM so sign up if you have the time available!

November 16th, 2017, 04:31
Hey man, I'm totally down to sign up. Let me know if there's room! I'd play anything.

November 16th, 2017, 10:02
@ goodmanje: Sorry it's so late, my home life dictates a late start time. I will try to see if I can run one earlier in the future and we can get ya back in a game. Thanks for the kind words as well.

@Kingofthecrows: I'd love to have ya. I have one slot left. I'll send you a PM with the server and teamspeak info. I suggest you play whatever you want to play within the D&D official books. It's a one shot, so no need to fill any special slots. I will have the server up an hour early if you need time to create your character. If you need a pregen, just let me know about that as well.

At this time for anyone else looking, unfortunately the group is full from post here and pm's. I appreciate the interest, but I limit my groups to max of 5 players as I feel that's the best fit for my type of DM'ing.