View Full Version : Savage Suzerain Holidays One Shot November 25 6:00 PM EST

November 12th, 2017, 12:42
Set Rising - The Art of War
Setís determination to over throw Ra only becomes more intense with each failure. He is targeting key figures from history and reality and has sent out agents to abduct them. All of Setís targets possess the god particle, a spark of divinity infusing a mortal with power that Set wants to fuel his reality-altering ritual. Raís spies have solid information on Setís next target, and your team has been called to get ahead of Set and bring the old gentleman back to the Sunfire Realm, if he can be persuaded. He is far more valuable to Set, and would be equally so to Ra for his renowned expertise. It may prove difficult, he has a reputation of being quite headstrong and self-willed. Your recent success convinced Ra and Anubis that your team can accomplish the mission.

Saturday November 25th
6 PM Eastern Time
FG Teamspeak
4-6 players. Savage World ruleset.
I have an Ultimate license so anyone can play.
This is a demi-god level one shot, pre-gens will be provided. Post here or message me if you want to join.

November 14th, 2017, 00:33
Need help to create Characters

November 14th, 2017, 01:34
I have pre-generated characters all ready built. These are demi-god level characters. You can get Savage Mojo's free download of the characters in this setting here:
The primer that gives you some background on this setting and some of the special features of all Suzerain settings you can get there as well.

November 19th, 2017, 03:23
I still have a couple of spots left in this game. I know it is a holiday weekend, if your games cancelled because of others plans feel free to jump in.

November 22nd, 2017, 17:58
Hey Ell, I'd like to join in if you still have an opening.

November 22nd, 2017, 18:23
Indeed I do and you are most welcome to join us. No one has reserved any of the pre-gens yet, feel free to look them over and message me if you have a preference.

November 30th, 2017, 12:26
This game was rescheduled to this coming Saturday, December 2nd, still at 6 PM EST, due to technical difficulties. I have had one seat open up, so post here or message me if you want to join us.

December 2nd, 2017, 15:16
For those I forgot to message,this game is full and running tonight at 6 PM eastern, on the FG teamspeak, Set Rising room. I'll be on about a half hour early with the table up for those who haven't reserved characters and want time to select.
Sorry about the glitch last week guys, it's fixed and tested, so I spent the week studying tactics. :)