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February 26th, 2006, 18:30
In a campaign called "Sandbox" : I create a module with maps and export it ...

So ..." /export Cave Dragons Cave" should give me a file called "Cave.mod" in the module folder of fg and under the "activate module" button I should see a "Dragons Cave" button .... in the campaign folder if I go to a module folder I should see within a folder called "Cave" the images/maps I have created ...

If I go back into my Sandbox campaign I have this module as an option and I also have the maps and information as part of the campaign itself ...

I edit the information (without activating the module ... I don't want two copies of everything) and export it as /export Cave Dragons Cave expecting my module to be overwritten/replaced ...


I delete all the stuff in my Sandbox campaign and activate the module (Dragons Cave) ... edit it and /export Cave Dragons Cave .... deactivate the module (good, campaign is blank again) activate the module ... HAS NOT WORKED ... no changes. Try closing FG, reopening Sandbox, activate module ... still no joy.

The way FG handles the creation and naming of modules is the only criticism I have but I have to say it has cost me hours and hours of work ... I have lost the entire A1-A4 series and I3-I4, changes I make as I desperately re write and add bits as my players catch up to where I've got to are just not saved.

I cannot get my head round this at all and my frustration with this element of FG is at a pretty um ... well , "apocryphal" is a good word.

February 26th, 2006, 20:11
Just a note stuart....

Before you make any changes in modules for FG, you need to deactivate them. The reason for this is that in you db.xml file for the capaign you are running, all links to pictures and such are referenced through your modules folder in the campaign folder.

THis is why you are not seeing the change... because the information is still there in your campaign. What you need to do is deacticate the module first, exit FG, then make your changes, then reopen fg and activate the module. Then you should see your changes take effect.

Hope this helps.


February 26th, 2006, 21:58
Thanks Kal ... it probably will but I am about to post something even more "splenic" before I move to Klooge !

February 26th, 2006, 22:47
Whoa now, slow down there...there's no need to go all kloogie on us ;)
I've found that modules aren't as useful as they sound but am using them.
Important things to note about modules:

If activated you can alter the contents of a module but I stongly advise against it. Edits are not saved, so if you deactivate/re-activate the module your changes are toast. New items added (even if added to a tab that 'belongs' to a module) are considered part of the current campaign not the module.
It's important to always use the same login name when exporting modules as the login name is tagged onto the unique identifier for the tabs. If you create A.mod as Fred and export it then later edit and re-export it while logged on as Joe your main campaign may end up with lots of blank tabs.What I tend to do is set up different coloured tabs in my modules and label them (to easily distinguish between 'campaign' tabs and 'module' tabs).
While I am running a session I never edit something that came from a module. I just add an entry into the main campaign and a note to remind myself to update the module after the session.
After the session I fire up the campaign I used to create the module, make the changes, and re-export (looking at the modules folder to remember what filename to use and at the modules list to use the same description.
I usually try to deactivate the module in my main campaign before editing but find that it works just as well if I go back in and deactivate/reactivate it after editing.

It's a bit clumsy (and I do end up with a lot of stuff in the main campaign that hasn't been moved to the module) but it works well enough.

And as always...back up everything ...

February 27th, 2006, 05:37
This might shed some light on modules: Conceptually modules were intended to be, well, modules. Meaning that they are much like adventure modules; you open up the book, use the material, then close it. And if you have changed something, you should have it on a separate note. This way they are different from campaign data - otherwise they could just be campaign data ;). Specifically, modules are set up so that they do NOT save changes; if you wish to use them as a part of your campaign, they should represent information that stays the same between different campaigns (for different players) adventuring thorough the module. And lastly, we thought of modules as something publishers would like to pack their products into and that is their design perspective. If people use them in different manners, that's very good, but thinking of modules this way might intuitively reveal what their properties are.

February 27th, 2006, 06:13
Yep, thats how I understand them to be.
However, it would be nice if you could edit module data and have the changes saved back to the module when FG closes (or the module is deactivated).

Even PnP modules are not 'static'. Most of mine have pencil annotations all through them (who was killed, who got away, which traps were triggered etc - in case the PCs, or another party, ventures back there at a later date)

Maybe something to think about for a future enhancement. Even if it was implemented as a separate type of 'Non-Static' Module... or the original module was left untouched and a copy created...

February 27th, 2006, 12:53
I get it ... I think ... the only way I can work on a "module" in bits is to have it in a campaign ("Sandbox 1") and when I am done to save it as a module. Meanwhile as I work on a different module I use a different campaign ("Sandbox 2").