View Full Version : Looking for Guest DM 7/29/17 8-12 PM EST

July 28th, 2017, 19:45
I have a regular group that meets Saturdays that I DM and we play a variety of games but I was looking to see if there was a DM out there with looking to run a game for us on 7/29 from 8-12pm EST. All of the players have at least a Standard license and I have an ultimate license. right now we would have between 3-4 players and can create characters or will use pre-gens as is easiest for you.

We are familiar with the following systems:

Savage Worlds
Fate Core/Acc

The group is the most experienced in 5e or Savage Worlds but we are good with just about anything. Currently we use Discord for audio and have our own Discord Server which I will send details for when we confirm availability.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone with availability!