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February 2nd, 2006, 22:22
I was just informed that in the Game Calendar section, all the pending players cannot see the request I sent out to PM me.

If you are pending in the calendar (There are about 11 of you, )

Please PM me so we can hammer out the details of you joining up.

I have always said the more the merrier!

We are looking for dedicated players; If you dont feel like commiting to a campaign, we also have NPC Cohorts to choose some for you all to get your feet wet with FG.

If you are on the list and wanna give RTTTOEE a whirl, PM me, and I'll see what I can do.



PS I have a new forum set up just for this campaign. Check it out at this link. (http://www.getsmf.com/phpbb/index.php?mforum=rtttoee)

February 3rd, 2006, 16:54
Just remember not to send out any illustrations, maps, or game text over the internet lines as that is a copyright violation! LOL!

February 3rd, 2006, 17:21
Not to worry Daniel. I will not post anything that would be considered in copyright violation. :)

Thanks for the concern,


February 6th, 2006, 07:46
Sorry, just being a smart *ss !! LOL!

February 12th, 2006, 16:14
Here is the link for the Forums for RTTTOEE if anyone is interested in joining this campaign. Drop by, look at the chatlogs and get a general feeling for the place.