View Full Version : One-shot dungeon delve

July 22nd, 2017, 08:56

I'm a starting DM and since the game i usually play in tonight was canceled i'm running a one-shot.
I'm running a classic dungeon delve, requiring brain and brawn to get trough.
Feel free to join in.
Were looking for 2 more.
We currently have a fighter, bard, ranger, and paladin.

Start time:
22/7/2017 2000 GMT / 1600 EDT / 1300 PST (hope those are correct)
Session will last about 4 hours


6 Players
7th level character
2 uncommon magic items
750gp of equipment limited by carry capacity
stats (15,14,13,12,10,8) or 27 point buy
Average health
Sources: PHB & unearthed arcana (no modern, no Artificer,Mystic, or rune scribe)

Calendar link:

You can contact me on the official FG Discord or on the discord server the game will be taking place:

in both cases my name is badbybirth.

FG server will be up pretty much all day.
I'd like you to submit your character before we start.