View Full Version : RoT Episode 4: Neronvain AL

July 10th, 2017, 22:31
Rise of Tiamat Episode 4: Neronvain (Ran as a one shot from the hard cover) 7/19/17 @ 20:00 (8pm) CDT
FG License: Ultimate, all you need is the demo version.
Game System: D&D 5e Adventurers League (Mixed Tier HC episode)

Calendar: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=2624

Time Zone: Central Daylight Time (CDT)
Day of week and time: Wednesday, 07/19/2017, 8PM CDT
Planned Duration & Frequency: 4+ hour session.
Term: AL module - 1 time

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: FG Discord Server

Roleplay & Combat mix: 30/70
Number of Players in game & needed: min 3 max 6
Character starting level & equipment: AL characters 8-15, Adventurers League characters, Level 8-10 get priority on this run due to where in the story it falls.
Character restrictions: AL characters

Details of your scenario: With the loss of Skyreach Castle at the end of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the Cult of the Dragon's efforts to gather Tiamat's tribute were badly compromised. To compensate, the cultists launched several raids against the elves of the Misty Forest, led by Wyrmspeaker Neronvain and his companion, the green dragon Chuth.

I like to have the characters submitted early, so I have time to prep for them and get the log sheets ready.