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June 27th, 2017, 21:10
Not sure if this is a bug or if it is intentional, but I made a character in Manage Characters. Then when I went into a game server where we were going to play and was able to select the character I made. After selecting it and opening it, I made some changes to it. Then I went back to manage characters to look at my character, and there were two characters. A local character and a server character. Is this a bug or is there just no perfect way to make a local character save changes within a server?

Edit: Forgot to add. I can see the Server character in Manage Characters, but I can not edit it.

Edit 2: Tried right clicking and adding a power to the server character and got this error: Script Error: [string "charsheet/scripts/arrayitem.lua"]:17: createWindow: Unable to create window

June 27th, 2017, 21:48
Welcome to the forums darkspyro92
This is working as intended.

1) Making a "local" character through Manage Characters. You select the ruleset, not campaign, you wish to create a character for - in this case Mutants and Masterminds. This character will be stored in the local character store on your computer - you can have many characters stored here.

2) Copying your local character to the GM's campaign (server character). When you join a GMs game you can select a character from the local character store (described in #1 above) or a character already within the GM's campaign. If you select a local character, that data is transferred to the GM's server and stored in the campaign database. Any changes made during the game are stored in the GM's campaign database. No changes are reflected back to your original character in the local character store. Think of this as making a copy of that character on the GM's machine. It's just like making a copy of a document on your computer - if you edit the new copy, this edit is not made in the original document, just in the copy.

3) When you use Manage Characters to view a campaign you've joined before, you are just viewing in read-only mode as you're looking at the snapshot of the campaign when you were last connected to the GM. You can only make changes to your campaign character when you're connected to the GM, to avoid clashes of changed data since you last connected to the GM, so the view of this character is read-only.

This can get a little confusing, but understanding the architecture will help to understand the process.

If you want to make changes to a read-only character you're viewing in Manage Characters -> Campaign mode (#3 above) you can: export the character from campaign mode into a XML file, then restart FG and load up Manage Characters in ruleset mode (#1 above) then import the XML you have just exported. This will create a copy of that character in your local character store.

You can then edit it as you wish - I would recommend you change the name slightly, put (edits) before the name so that you can tell which is the edited PC later.

When you next join your GM's campaign, it will still have the old character data - you can select your new character from the local character store to upload that to the GM's campaign. But, you will now have two PCs in the GM's database - the original and the edited once, hence why I said put something like "(edits)" in the new PC name. Take control of your new PC and ask the GM to either delete the old PC or change it's name in the character window. It is probably best to delete the old PC - you still have a copy of that old PC in the XML you exported from Manage Characters -> Campaign mode earlier.

As I said above, this sounds all too complex and convoluted, but it is needed to ensure there are no data clashes with players modifying their PCs when not connected to the GM.

June 27th, 2017, 22:46
Alright. Thanks for letting me know. I was really confused at first.